Here's what some of our clients have to say about the impact that their project with LifeGems Personal Histories has had on their lives and relationships:

Looking Forward

The Memoirs of Bessie (Ridgway) Saunders

"Christine has the talent to make a person's life come alive on the pages. In each of these books, you can hear in their own words, the voices of Bessie and Bob speaking. She is not only a remarkable writer, but by immersing herself in the lives of the subjects and our families, she captured what was special and unique. Aside from being family treasures, the books have been enjoyed by all who read them, even strangers.

When I gave my Dad his book, A Prairie Doctor's Medicine Chest, on his 80th birthday, he said it was the best present he had ever received."

Carol Saunders

The Memoirs of Lucien Fernand Ouellet

"The book Christine helped me with was so impressive I continue to hear comments from my children, grandchildren, nieces & nephews and friends from all over. They have read the book and have loved the stories and the photographs. The layout is so professional and I appreciate all your help with choosing the pictures that were used.

I've had many comments about the footnotes you added as well, which provide so much interesting information and bring my own history to life. Thank you again."

Lucien Fernand Ouellet

The Quantum Couple

by T. N. Filion

"I am a first time writer with no formal training. Needless to say, my first book was an editor's nightmare. Christine Cowley conducted herself with unbelievable patience and professionalism. On many occasions she appeared to care more for my work than I did."

T.N. Filion

Girl from the Cove

by Ann M. Keating-Morrison

"The workshops are well-prepared, inspirational and reassuring. I was impressed by the breadth and depth of Christine's ability to share her experiences. She inspired me.

"My book has gone through its first edit and my goal is to have it ready for print by summer 2008. The LifeGems Workshops challenged me to succeed."

Ann M. Keating-Morrison, MMM, CD, P.Mgr.

Butchers, Bakers and Building The Lakers

Voices of Collingwood 1858-2008

Butchers, Bakers and Building the Lakers"I’m reading someone else’s words but they are my memories."

Charlie Garrad, Toronto

"Butchers, Bakers and Building the Lakers should be required reading in all Collingwood schools... You brought our town’s history alive and made it fun!"

George Czerny

"Every town and city has a history reflected in the bricks and buildings. Your book shows that the people are the mortar that holds the spirit of the town together... it will have a place of honour at my house, on the coffee table."

Dave Saunders

"We just finished 'the birthday party' for Bill. He is absolutely thrilled with your book!!!! He wants 3 more to give to his children... He has spent the last hour going through the book and knows at least 40-50 people who have written in the book or have been mentioned. He loved this gift and is taking it with him to Toronto today.

"I myself spent a couple of hours reading your book last night & I can't tell you how much I am enjoying your writing style and all the precious work you have compiled giving this community and the families such a great gift that generations to come will treasure. The beautiful pictures, maps & bits of Collingwood trivia & life are so well laid out as they wend through the chapters bringing us to the present day which I think is an important piece as this history is in the making today... This book will touch the lives of many, many people. Thank you for all of this!!

"...Just wanted to let you know––we got the 3 books you sent! Thank you so much for the great wrapping, protective packaging and for putting the names on the front. You thought of everything!

Michele Collins, Huntsville

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Test of Faith:

Hope, Courage and the Prison Experience

"Test of Faith is...a story of the eternal weakness of human beings [under] the abuse of power. From the naked power of cars and guns and beatings...to the correctional officer who gloats...the role of power and the damage it can do, runs like an ugly thread through this moving story of romance and mutual devotion."

Ruth Morris, author of Stories of Transformative Justice and Penal Abolition: The Practical Choice.

Some can tell great stories, but the gifted can move you through their very lives and souls and take you through joy, grief, frustration and love, as this writer so graciously does. This book brought back vivid memories of prison and how very difficult it is to keep a relationship alive when the system does nothing to help families cope..."Test of Faith provides an inside look at our justice and correction systems and how families of the convicted become victims too."

Rosie Rowbotham: Crime and Punishment Contributing Editor, CBC Radio "This Morning".

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